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A nuclear facility providing nuclear fuel is a dud
March 14, 2008

The Guardian is such a great newspaper. It always covers – unknowingly – the results on many of my speculations. This time they report on a nuclear plant, built for over a $1 billion, to provide atomic fuel for foreign power stations has produced almost nothing since it was opened six years ago.

And where did they get this information? From the government. The Sellafield plan which was opposed by green groups as uneconomic – was predicted to produce 120 tons of the stuff annually. It barely managed 2.6 tons. Notice how green groups’ predictions are mostly proved right.

My prediction was a little different. It was that the plant would lay waste to the surrounding countryside and, finally, cost billions to clean up. That announcement is still to come. It’snot quantum physics to establish such logic, America’s Washington State is in such shock over its nuclear waste it will be getting rid of future stock to Australia.


Nuclear waste is to be looked after by Nuclear Ferguson
November 30, 2007

Nuclear Ferguson has been given power. This is the incompetent that backed Bob Hawke’s call for Australia to become the nuclear waste dump for the planet. Under Rudd’s government he has received the power ministry. Now, Howard has enmeshed us in a nuclear agreement with the US which involves us taking nuclear waste from the US. The US can’t look after their waste in Washington State, no matter what techniques they apply. They began with single skin mild steel (it leaked) and then double skin mild steel (and it leaked). Since then they have tried many form of containment, including ceramics and taking the radiation out of the leaking water, but it all was for nothing, as the Columbia River and surrounds became more and more contaminated (check the Washington State website).

Now, as Australia is in danger of losing agriculture the idea is that we take the nuclear waste industry, you know, and bury it in the desert. There is one huge problem. The oldest structures on the planet are the pyramids and people forgot what they were used for for around ten thousand years. British archaelogists discovered their use about two hundred years ago, or less. Now what will happen to the waste that’s to be buried in the desert for 500,000 years? You know what, I bet the race that inhabits the earth in the future will dig around, imagining they are uncovering some pharaoh’s ancient treasures.In the meantime countryies whose waste we’re taking may have ceased to exist and so will lag behind in the nuclear waste maintenance payments, and we’ll be up for it. Of course Nuclear Ferguson probably believes we’ll still be around for the next 500,000 years because it’s unnecessary to combat climate change. You don’t think the Labor Party believe in climate change do you? It’s now fifth on their priority list and they only awarded it to a woman because the Party doesn’t really think women are any more than sops to the electorate.

Right about the planet’s nuclear waste, the destruction of our agricultural industries, and now a partnership of forgers in Toorak
October 25, 2007

I haven’t ever boasted about my prophetic novels. However the last, “The Devil’s Trap … set to catch friends”, laid out the spin that America and Australia are putting on the fact that finally the wide, brown land will be the planet’s nuclear waste dump. First there was the lurch towards having nuclear power. That feint has been replaced by: we’re not having nuclear power. This from Malcolm Slick Turnbull, our environmental Minister. But we’ve already signed a nuclear agreement with America and we will be taking their nuclear waste.

First they tried the gambit of, gee, if we lease our uranium to other countries we can take it back to store it. That is the most perverse commercial deal I’ve ever heard. We lease something valuable and take it back when it’s useless for anything but storing, and we pay for that. The spin on that is those who used it will pay for storage until …. they forget? they go broke? Remember it’s looking after a substance that can leak at any time for 500,000 years.

The novel was also right on the Murray/Darling river system and how we are about to lose our agriculture. So we swap our agricultural industry for the nuclear waste industry, otherwise we will be a poor nation. The Americans can do that with us because they have been studying our Murray/Darling river system for decades ( see ABC Rural hour -2004). They’ve monitored flow and salinity. You see they know we are a very handy country and they have a special bureaucracy to study what is happening here, and how we can be manipulated. (Who said, “Just because I’m paranoid, doesn’t mean they’re not out to get us.”)

But an unexpected prediction was that a couple were forging paintings in Toorak. Yep, I got the style of painting wrong and the fact that a woman wasn’t found murdered, but you get the accuracy.

Sad Australia couldn’t afford to decommission nuclear power plants.
October 21, 2007

Given that Australia could afford nuclear power there is a sad lapse in the logic of how it would end nuclear power (all the uranium will be depleted in 15 to 20 years). The power plants may cost tens of billions of dollars and we’d just scrape home with the money, but the problem is the decommissioning of the plants. The UK is planning to decommission 20 plants at an estimated cost of $150 billion (The Guardian), an estimate that has risen 17% in a year. Australia just wouldn’t be able to spend that much money with no return. And even if the companies building nuclear plants agreed to decommission, using world’s best practice, they would, like most firms feel it would be more profitable to go bust, even bankrupt, rather than spend the $15 billion dollars cleaning up each power plant. After all that’s how the big end of town does business. Their strict maxim is: don’t send good money after bad.

My prophetic claim on nuclear waste for Australia
September 27, 2007

Evidence of my assertion that Australia will be the planet’s nuclear waste dump is now supported by growing evidence. Remember when George Bush visited Australia for APEC and we were warned (advised) Australia would become a member of GNEP (the Global Nuclear Energy Partnership) but we would not be taking waste. However the signing of the GNEP by Australia in Vienna means we are totally ruled by that body. Oh, and as The Age’s Katharine Murphy points out today, we will be a member, “in a way that provides for safe operations of nuclear power plants and management of wastes.”*

She also reports that Australia’s agreement was slightly different to that signed by the others.

However as I’ve previously stated the defence agreement Australia signed with America also contained nuclear provisions.

The nuclear strategy is unfolding in exactly the way I claimed in my highly researched novel, The Devil’s Trap .. set to catch friends. See how agriculture is being downgraded in the way I prophesised. The next part of the spin is that we will be told, “seeing how we’re losing one industry (agriculture) we should take another (nuclear waste).”

* These are the words contained in the agreement we signed.

The country chosen as the planet’s nuclear waste dump is Australia
September 14, 2007

Australia is joining the US led Global Nuclear Energy Partnership. John Howard (who has never fought a serious issue in his life despite his claim of fighter status) told Bush last week that Australia is in. He’s already signed a defence agreement which affects the dumping of nuclear waste in the country.

We’ve been chosen as the planet’s nuclear dumping ground because we’re geologically stable and politically passive, and many are thrilled about it as we appear to no longer have a solid agricultural industry, courtesy of global warming. Problem is we have to look after the waste for 500,000 years. The oldest man made structures on the planet are the pyramids (10,000? years) and we’ve only known what the function of pyramids for 200 years – since British archaeologists entered them. Imagine if they had contained nuclear waste. You see, things change and people forget.

Pyramids were supposedly hard to forget but underdesert nuclear waste dumps will be forgotten the moment everyone believes they’re secure. Of course the spin will be that we lease uranium to nuclear nations and then be morally bound to take it back when they’ve finished with it. Are they joking? What perverse negotiations allowed that? How were they carried out?

The answer is, over a lengthy period of time. First the federal government had to regain the rights over the land of the aborigines, and then they had to inspire companies to begin researching how the waste is to be contained. All of America’s waste in Washington state is leaking into the Columbia river and no matter what they do they can’t contain it. Washington state has 80% of America’s nuclear waste.