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Australians who are backing the Chinese Olympics would have had no qualms about backing the Nazi Olympics in 1936 – the Nazis then had only shown contempt for human rights.
April 23, 2008

Those Australians backing the Chinese Olympics would also have backed the Nazis 1936 Olympics. The Nazis hadn’t quite gone as far as the Chinese. The murderous oppression (that the Chinese are using) of Nazi Germany didn’t come until later. However Germany did stop free speech, and shipped unwanted people out of Berlin in the way the Chinese are doing to their own people. They also claim Tibet as their own and they are murdering, and beating those who wish to speak up against them.

It’s unfair to blame the athletes because the chemicals they produce in their brains during prolonged physical activity preclude the capacity for continuing, evidence based thought. They will wake up down the track, during their retirement period – they have years of contemplation ahead of them then. Meanwhile the rest of us have to stand up against murderous oppression, no matter which country it may be in.