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King hitter Nick D’Arcy’s been shafted for doing exactly what China is known for – excessive violence
April 18, 2008

So D’Arcy the Olympic king hitting swimmer has been shafted. It’s a surprise. He suited the Beijing Olympics so well. He was a thug, he was fast with his instruments and had practiced the punch to perfection. He had no scruples when hitting a mate at the bar and he had done it all before. He was following China’s lead on murderous oppression in Tibet to a T.

The Olympic authorities in Australia have no idea of how this decision will be denigrated. If they don’t appreciate violence, murder, brutal physical violence against women and children, they shouldn’t be having the Beijing Olympics. If you punish the participating athletes you must also punish the hosts.


Prime Minister Rudd reduces Garnaut to just another opinion
February 21, 2008

Prime Minister Rudd heralded Garnaut as the reason he didn’t go to the election with a climate change policy. He gave him a broad brief, a Royal Commission would have loved the same, and now pretends he hadn’t regarded Ross Garnaut as a serious climate expert.

Spin is okay I suppose(no, it’s not) but when the planet’s existence as we know it is at risk we can certainly blame Rudd and preceding governments as those who had no respect for the environment, and so hit them with writs under the UN legislation that enables such action.

Do we have precedents for their not having respect or concern for the environment? Sure do. There’s the dredging in Port Phillip Bay that has not had carbon release estimated. And then there’s the Tamar valley world’s largest pulp mill go-ahead. Neither of these have world’s best practice techniques. Dumping dredged toxic material in the same water it’s dredged from is a definite no-no as far as wbp is concerned. And the toxins to be used in pulp manufacture is not used in the wbp pulp mills in Scandinavian countries.

Aborigines aren’t the only ones that require counseling
February 15, 2008

Aborigines weren’t the only wounded that needed counseling on sorry day. The white kids from small towns that had fringe dwellers were also in dire need. They grew up hating aborigines because they imitated the behaviour of their parents and have never recovered from their racism.

Small town aborigines were not allowed to visit the local swimming pool, movie house, or any white sporting venue (golf courses). They were also illegally burned out by Victoria police. In Swan Hill the police travelled into New South Wales and burnt the humpy towns behind the Federal Hotel (patrons used aboriginal women and children) and on the Willows. The families were without possessions or food and they were told to walk to Mildura.

My friend Gilbert Britten’s cousin walked into the Murray and drowned himself after the fire. Myself and several friends realised that THE POLICE BEHAVED ILLEGALLY AND SO WE DESTROYED THE POLICE BOAT ANCHORED NEAR THE TOWN. I have never lost my anger that occurs when confronted by injustice.

All the kids who grew up in towns with fringe dwellers have never lost the racism that stemmed from the experiences of their childhood.

An offer of resignation if the Bay is destroyed by dredging should be on Brumby’s table
January 24, 2008

Premier Brumby should offer to resign if  his vision of bay dredging destroys Victoria’s (and Melbourne’s) recreational grounds. One of the reason we haven’t had too much angst from the monied class is that they go to the ocean for their summers.

However a resignation offer would really test his sincerity and belief in the process that led to Bay dredging.

One aspect that belies his belief is that there has been no speculation on the release of carbon and other warming gases from the dredging.

Premier Brumby can’t lie straight in bed and Port Phillip Bay is going to pay for his spin on dredging
January 24, 2008

On the question of the dredging of Port Phillip Bay Premier Brumby can’t lie straight in bed. His blather is filled with copious lies. Today on the John Fain show he said the Port of Melbourne Authority was the proponent of dredging for larger ships. The POM are a government body and I can just see them going ahead with a proposal without government approval. Come on Brumby we all know how government works these days. You’ve been driving this vision for close to a decade.

Brumby blithely says we’ve had environmental reports, as though they agreed that there would be no damage to the Bay. The first report, and the most accurate, held fears for the sea grass (it hasn’t returned to Corio Bay after dredging there), the danger of toxic water to the dolphins, and those who fish and use the bay as a recreational ground. There was even mention of an unholy stink for several years. How about decades after the giant ships are gone and Port Phillip Bay can’t take the next wave of even larger ships no matter how much dredging.

No panel has ever considered or debated the Exxon Valdez scenario for the Bay despite pilots, and Captain Frank Hart, a former harbour master saying there will be a disaster of those dimensions. The pilots who used the navigational gear on the bigger ships all ran aground and there have been no further tests to publicise a success of such an exercise.

People of Melbourne be warned, you’re lifestyle is about to be ruined.

Loving Port Phillip Bay enough to use UN legislation for criminal negligence to the environment if dredging destroys the Bay
January 21, 2008

I am personally appalled that the dredging creates the slightest risk to Port Phillip Bay’s environment. From the late forties on I was on the sand at the edge of the sea during the summer months. I witnessed with delight the snapper boats hauling in their catch in the early morning. I saw dolphins up close, I was in clinker built rowing boats fishing for flathead and I was in yachts that skimmed the Bay waters. Later I spied on lovers in the sand dunes. My experience of life was moulded by the Bay.

It is a unique Bay and it has unique creatures, including the dolphins who evolved in the Bay. The Port Phillip Bay dolphins don’t occur anywhere else on the planet. And if you imagine that the pod of sixty couldn’t disappear when the toxic water becomes their habitat ask why researchers can no longer find the pod of sixty odd dolphins that once inhabited the Gippsland lakes before blue-green algae.

As the average person (yes, farmers, gardeners and all those who understand our climate is changing) is stricken by the possibility that life on earth is about to turn dangerous, our politicians and bureaucrats, who overule our wishes are oblivious to the amounts of CO2 created by the dredging. It has not even been calculated with due accuracy. It is no longer a metaphor that Brumby fiddles with his own deluded profit oriented mind set while Rome burns, the burning is happening. How can anyone have such a criminally negligent attitude to our Bay? Don’t they realise that they may be sued for criminal negligence under the proposed United Nations draft legislation currently being considered. The legislation provides a framework of laws by which those who have been hurt by those who have thwarted the correct processes for development and created global warming gases, may be gaoled for their trangressions. Brumby certainly can’t claim ignorance of what he is doing for that is not a defence in a criminal matter. He has done his best to circumvent impartial investigation by decreeing the dredging shall go ahead regardless of evidence.

Yes, and the CSIRO with its new charter, developed under a Liberal government but not addressed by the new Labor government, can be brought to account for their self-interested, bodgy business plan for the Bay.

I ‘ll be the first aboard such an action against Brumby and the others who have displayed no respect for their environment.

The CSIRO stumbles with the dredging of Port Phillip Bay – it’s changed its charter
January 20, 2008

Let’s be quite straight about the CSIRO and the dredging of Port Phillip Bay. The CSIRO were not part of the genuine investigating panels that were first set up by the Brack’s government. They were told by government they were not to be part of the process. Nevertheless several individuals spoke up about the bad effect that dredging would have on the Bay. Those individuals no longer work for the CSIRO.

In the making of the documentary, The Last Good Summer, I was in contact with several members of the CSIRO who were warned not to speak to the media. In fact one found himself on an extended overseas tour.

There was a superficial and unresearched paper that was delivered to the third, bogus investigating panel that was pressured by Brumby to find in favour of dredging. They strangely found that there were no problems associated with the dredging. The previous panels found frightening pollution problems that were smoothed a little with the general conclusions drawn.

Why the difference? Well, the CSIRO became a promoter of products rather than a respected research organisation (see a previous post). Now the CSIRO carries no weight for it works to discover exactly what its funding corporations want found.

We must understand that the deception and political sleight of hand over this elephant in our Bay has been driven by greed and we will lose our Bay for all recreations, including swimming, fishing, boating (the water will stink, as well as spread sickness in all its inhabitants) and living beside.

Why isn’t the dredging of Port Phillip Bay to be world’s best practice?
January 20, 2008

Why isn’t the toxic dredging muck from Port Phillip Bay to be disposed of according to  world’s best practice?

It’s simple. It’s dangerous and expensive.

One of the world’s best practice criteria is dumping it far out in the ocean. Aside from the fact that this is such a corrupt way to go as far as environmental degradation is concerned, taking the spoil out through the heads (RIP) is dangerous. The barges transporting the spoil are not capable of taking on the currents and tides experienced in the Rip (Yes, it was once called the Rip, right up until the Port of Mebourne began lobbying for the channel dredging), the currents occasionally running at 14 knots or more.

An alternative is removing it from the sea altogether. Unfortunately this is very expensive and there are many safety regulations governing inland dumping, not the least of which is the air based pollution. The Port of Melbourne has therefore chosen to hide such a problem under water.

They casually say they will cap the spoil underwater, but they don’t say in which year. Is that a year after the dredging has begun, or after it’s finished? That would make it a minumum of seven years. In fact the spoil would begin to dissolve throughout the bay the moment the big tides hit it. maintenance spoil dumped in the bay has spread rapidly throughout the whole area of the Bay. And what will they be capping it with, concrete? Sorry guys your whole story is bodgy, half-baked and and cynical.

An Exxon valdez catastrophe coming up for Port Phillip Bay because no one will do the math on the certainty of the event
January 5, 2008

Port Phillip Bay dredging could lead to an Exxon Valdez catastrophe. All parties to the argument over the dredging (including the ineffectual Blue Wedge protesters) have kept away from even the idea of this possibility, except two men. The first is former harbour master, Captain Frank Hart, and coastal geomorphologist, Rob Jell. Captain Hart has figures to show how it’s going to happen. The big ships, deeper by three to four metres than the present regular traders, will have to approach the southern channel at an angle, which means as they manouvre against the currents a 50 metre broad vessel can be more than 140 metres wide (because it is angled) as it enters the 240 metre wide entrance. There is not enough safety margin for these huge vessels, for, as Captain Hart discovered through Freedom of Information, there have been an average of three regular ships grounded every year since 1974. This information has been hidden from the public.

The worst of it is that no one has done the maths to predict the possibility of an Exxon Valdez disaster happening. There have been three investigating panels and not one (the CSIRO has been kept out of the equation) has bothered to follow up Captain Hart’s challenge that it’s not “if an Exxon styled disaster happens but when”. Also remember that when the pilots were tested on the new equipment to be used for entering the southern channel they all grounded during the exercise. One of them grounded in front of the second environmental panel. They didn’t perform for the bodgy third panel.

If you want to see Captain Hart’s and Rob Gell’s logic ring Channel 31 and ask them to replay my documentary, The Last Good Summer. They’ve played it 8 times already (Channel Nine 1 time).

The sycophant Brumby, and his toadies the Port Of Melbourne Authority, are desperate to do the bidding of individual members of the Melbourne Club, and have undermined Captain Hart’s evidence by claiming he had been retired for 12 months and didn’t know the new technology and circumstances.

After Bali we know why Al will stand for presidential nomination
December 24, 2007

The planet needs new climate change leaders. Bali set no emission caps and no dates.  Are our leaders (and this includes Gore) dumb or do they think we’re fucking idiots?  In your own experience have you ever dealt with a benign corporation who would spend money on greening the planet? Look closely at those who do. They give to green charities (classed as such by themselves after spending several hundred thousand to get the paperwork right, and subsequently by governments) so they can claim tax cuts. These charities take the money knowing they are not to disturb the placid media, and the students at schools where they are developing alleged green curriculum. If they do they won’t get their next bunch of money. Everyone can be seen to be doing the right thing while they don’t curb emissions or do anything remotely connected with preventing the speed of climate change.

Al Gore was surprise. Leading the American team he fought against targets or dates and threatened to break apart any international agreement. He did support a totally meaningless international agreement that was toothless, impotent and should have been greeted with hysterical laughter: “Oh Jesus, we’re not going to do anything; that’s foul humour for you. ” The media generally supported the agreement as a breakthrough. They must have kept their bub’s grade logic.

And now for the encroaching weather change and Al Gore as President of the biggest emitter. He’s about to give up the planet for power. Now do we see what the human creature values most? Do we do anything about it?