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Burma’s lunatic government should be ignored and if they resist wipe them out
May 8, 2008

Burma’s militarty dictatorship is quite incompetent and should be ignored; the West flying in aid to all affected areas in a blanketing style. They’ve done it before, they can do it now, Fly and drop water and supplies in without regard to the government of Burma. There may be a military response from them and they should be annihilated if they attempt attacks on rescue missions.

Unfortunately Bush didn’t respond appropriately to New Orleans cyclone so these Burmese canaries in their black boots and smart uniforms imagine they can delay in the same way. They want a smaller population in the same way that Bush wanted a smaller black population in Florida. The time has come for visionary action and we aren’t getting it. We have a war here. One, it’s a war on climate change – which is being ignored – but it is also a war on a ruthless and murdering regime. If they don’t allow help to their people wipe them out.


Rudd’s sweeties hid away when it came to climate change – Canberra has now buried climate change as an issue
April 22, 2008

The Rudd smartie weekend revealed how deluded are the politicians, academics and hangers-on when it comes to climate change. Please realise that we have twenty years of the good life left. Well, give a few years less, and we had the mob in Canberra for the weekend patting themselves and their fellow attendees on the back

Al Gore says today in The Age that he imagined that the message on climate change would get through when people realised that the northern polar ice cap will not be there in 5 years. However it hasn’t. We are facing annihilation and the Canberra sweeties hid their eyes when it came to climate change. Understand that our kids have to be trained to survive civil unrest (no food and water) and extreme weather conditions.

Australia is going to be one of the hardest hit countries. This year it seems we will be buying in grain to keep our cereal and bread industries going.

Kevin Rudd’s smarties’ conference is an abject failure – they haven’t considered the planet has only 20 years of resonable environmental conditions
April 20, 2008

Kevin Rudd’s smarties’ conference is an abject failure because they’re not taking into account that the planet and life is about to radically alter course.

Maybe Bob Brown has the best chance of revealing what is in store for us, although he’s possibly more optimistic than those out-there scientists that have been prophesysing correctly for the last few decades.

But if you really want to live with the knowledge that the planet has twenty years before it descends into chaos the one good idea for the future is not being proposed. It is the teaching of our youth to survive extreme weather conditions. This would necessitate studying the cultures – and experiencing the conditions – of those who can thrive in what are patently devastating physical environments. The Innuit of Greenland have an opportunistic culture that is firmly based on skills. Green Cross, an environmental group who are desperately attempting to discover the real solutions to an apochryphal future are examining a proposal to send students to Greenland (appropriately chosen) so that they can learn the skills of leadership, undertaken in extremes of physical and mental anxiety

King hitter Nick D’Arcy’s been shafted for doing exactly what China is known for – excessive violence
April 18, 2008

So D’Arcy the Olympic king hitting swimmer has been shafted. It’s a surprise. He suited the Beijing Olympics so well. He was a thug, he was fast with his instruments and had practiced the punch to perfection. He had no scruples when hitting a mate at the bar and he had done it all before. He was following China’s lead on murderous oppression in Tibet to a T.

The Olympic authorities in Australia have no idea of how this decision will be denigrated. If they don’t appreciate violence, murder, brutal physical violence against women and children, they shouldn’t be having the Beijing Olympics. If you punish the participating athletes you must also punish the hosts.

Why isn’t the dredging of Port Phillip Bay to be world’s best practice?
January 20, 2008

Why isn’t the toxic dredging muck from Port Phillip Bay to be disposed of according to¬† world’s best practice?

It’s simple. It’s dangerous and expensive.

One of the world’s best practice criteria is dumping it far out in the ocean. Aside from the fact that this is such a corrupt way to go as far as environmental degradation is concerned, taking the spoil out through the heads (RIP) is dangerous. The barges transporting the spoil are not capable of taking on the currents and tides experienced in the Rip (Yes, it was once called the Rip, right up until the Port of Mebourne began lobbying for the channel dredging), the currents occasionally running at 14 knots or more.

An alternative is removing it from the sea altogether. Unfortunately this is very expensive and there are many safety regulations governing inland dumping, not the least of which is the air based pollution. The Port of Melbourne has therefore chosen to hide such a problem under water.

They casually say they will cap the spoil underwater, but they don’t say in which year. Is that a year after the dredging has begun, or after it’s finished? That would make it a minumum of seven years. In fact the spoil would begin to dissolve throughout the bay the moment the big tides hit it. maintenance spoil dumped in the bay has spread rapidly throughout the whole area of the Bay. And what will they be capping it with, concrete? Sorry guys your whole story is bodgy, half-baked and and cynical.

The merciful Americans of arrogant influence and attitudes
January 2, 2008

I thought David Hicks had it tough being jailed for five years without charge or a hearing. Turns out the American justice system is very flawed. Leonard Peltier, a Sioux (Native American) has been jailed for close to thirty years for aiding and abetting two native Americans who were found not guilty of murdering two FBI agents. Strange he can be found guilty of aiding and abetting two who walked free nearly thirty years ago because they didn’t do it.

Here’s what a judge of the tenth circut of the Appeal Court found:
“Much of the government’s behaviour at the Pine Ridge reservation and the prosecution of Mr Peltier is to be condemned. The government witheld evidence. It intimidated witnesses. These facts are not disputed.”

After Peltier was found guilty his lawyers used Freedom of Information to discover that the FBI had fabricated the ballistics evidence to argue that Peltier had shot the agents in cold blood. The FBI has had to admit in court and to the parole commission that it had no evidence that he was involved in the shootings. The case has become a cause celebre for the Sioux nation and several documentaries (BBC) have been made to emphasise the injustice in Peltier’s case.

The FBI has used corrupt methods to keep Peltier in jail. It refuses to allow him to use the evidence that those who were acquitted were acting in self defence for the FBI agents were firing on a compund that held women and children. The agents were so far away that no one knew who was firing at the compound. It was also revealed that the acquitted were using .22 rifles and the agents were killed with large calibre weapons. Peltier denied he aided and abetted anyone and there is no evidence that he did. The FBI ignored the witness who said another individual had driven up to the FBI agents and shot them from behind (the agents must have known the man) and drove away. Also operating on the reservation were a marauding group of vigilantes supported by the American government. Often Sioux men who were arrested on bogus chargers never reached the police stations and were noted as having disappeared.

To research similar situations you would have to look at Australia’s treatment of aborigines, Indonesia’s treatment of East Timorese (with the support of Australia and America from 1975 to 2000 – that’s when the international¬† community turned against our attitude there) and the systems of government and oppression and suppression in Kenya, and Zimbabwe.

These things have to be remembered when dealing with the way our native people are treated by our justice system. Our current run of racial abuse (for incest) is obvious for there is no similar attack on incest in white communities. Well, not until the children are murdered and then we pretend it’s an isolated incident. Talk to the psychologists who are dealing with these children.

Let’s understand that although David Hicks was persecuted and tortured (he confessed to aiding terrorists to get out of jail where he had been incarcerated for over five years without charge or trial; I’m sure I’d do the same) there are a huge number of cases where the justice system goes along with bogus police evidence because the defendants don’t have proper defence.

Australia never had a place in its culture for adventure, romance or experimenting with different ideas
December 21, 2007

The evidence in the Hicks case spells the end of Australian understanding of romance, adventure, and the thrill of experimenting with new ideas. We never really did understand, for our present hollow culture is more of the cruel, bureaucratic and vengeful genre. Let’s not kid ourselves. The fading culture that we glorified came from the David Hickses and Jack Thomases of the nation who took to the sniff of war in 1914 for comradeship and adventure. It didn’t come from our imitative, educated and ambitious classes who sacrificed fun for doubtful status. Doubtful because in the swim to the top of the horrible pile it means servility to those nations we wrongfully regarded as our superiors. Look at our subsequent distorted perceptions. Menzies imagined the Queen as a romantic, sexualised image. Keating thought Menzies correct and being opportunistic working class ( which used to have a strong culture) placed his hand on her waist and was splapped on the wrist by the media. How unbelievably banal and pathetic. If she had responded in a knowing way Keating would have rogered her without hesitation, later receiving the offer of a knighthood. Keating was a bit too real for our sick bureaucratic nation.

And are we going to pay for the nasty, obsequious drivel that our department heads foist on our lazy politicians.

The Hicks case shows just how far we have deprived ourselves of our democratic rights and the rule of law. It’s not just Hicks who has to prove himself innocent of terrorist sympathies, and being a future danger, it’s all of us. Don’t think so? Just remember the environmental protesters who were arrested in the UK under such laws a few weeks ago.

And who may have beenthe role models for Hicks and Thomas in the thirties? Why, George Orwell and Arthur Koestler. They took the communist side in the Spanish civil war. Each of them were condemned to death and each were subject to a mock execution. Read terrorist for communist in that conflict. However they each saw the error of the side they had chosen and wrote revealing texts on it. Texts we still turn to for enlightenment.

Whale murdering Japanese are slow
November 24, 2007

The whale murdering Japanese are a little slow. They no longer eat whale meat but still kill them – for scientific reasons. Unfortunately they have no serious discoveries from their research in several decades so they look pretty stupid. There is a weird part of the Japanese brain that can’t stand defeat. They failed in their wars with China and in their war with America and Australia so they’ve picked on an intelligent, singing mammal who has no weaponry. Give them a few years and they should surely anihilate them from the surface of the earth.

Of course they convinced themselves they could take over the planet with their hand to hand combat. Well, at least their commercialisation of hand to hand combat. You know, Karate and its seven (?) black belt dans. Of course Elvis Presley was a black belt expert but he died because he was so constipated his heart stopped. Not a good ad for the Japanese martial arts industry. Didn’t they have a punch for it, you know, a punch in the gut and his heart could pump blood again.

I went to have a martial arts lesson once from Little Apollo. At his place in the city I was walking up the stairs and he was walking down. I put my hand out to greet him and he fell down the stairs. I had used Australian outpresencing to defeat a psuedo Asian martial arts expert. I walked downstairs happy that my prowess meant I didn’t have to undergo years of stunting, physical prancing to have such success. Not sure that whales could do the same thing these days. A white whale did it for Herman Melville’s benefit once but nowadays they have exploding harpoons that can kill a whale in at least 30 minutes. Not sure the whales don’t need some help.

Premier Brumby is a GM retard
November 23, 2007

Farmers are being hoodwinked by GM crop promoters. Among these are Premier Brumby and individuals members of the Melbourne Club. They imagine they will benefit from the products of Monsanto/Chemplex (perhaps still Packer’s multinational companies who sell biotech and herbicides and pesticides) not understanding that Monsanto had to pull out of several South American countries last year because the effect of GM crops had indirectly laid barren millions of hectares. It worked like this: farmers could use more herbicides and pesticides because the GM plants were made to withstand such assaults. So the farmers began thinking more is better (it destroyed all the bacteria in the soil) and the result was poverty. Australian farmers have proved with the use of other chemicals, notably 45D (Nufarm) that they often triple the amount of chemical they place on a crop they know can wear the amount.

Again our Governments are totally retarded in their awareness of commercial organic markets, or markets without massive use of chemicals. The food is sold for more overseas as the wealthy in Europe look for produce that has not been radiated or sprayed with dangerous and suspect chemicals.

Now that Australia will be permanently without serious rain there is still a market for that produce that is regarded as pure (can we say boutique produce) that has been grown without impurities or contaminants.

Barrier scratchings should always be suspect at metropolitan tracks
October 21, 2007

The betting on the Caufield Cup should be closely examined. I once laid a bet on a horse called Tell William. He was a 100 to one chance at Caufield – his first race. His trainer Colin Little was sure he had a chance although I was the only one to back him. I laid $300 down minutes before the race began. He still hadn’t entered the barrier. After I laid the money I watched the trainer call a cohort who rushed away. Within a minute Tell William was scratched for poor behaviour at the barrier. I had broken him in and he was perfect at his barrier trials. He was calm and would enter a float without a thought. He was owned by another member of my family. He went on to win several races in town and country.

Of course all the proceedings leading up to a race start (and after) are observed by stewards. But a nod or a glance can be of huge significance as barrier staff carry out their tasks expeditiously.

I once sat beside Colin Hayes in the owners’ seats at Caufield. I overhead the conversation with an owner. “You never know what’s happening around the back straight. The bastards could be doing anything.”

And you don’t know. During winter in Melbourne the same horses go around each week and so everyone knows the abilities of all horses under all conditions. It only takes some quick dialogue (and offers) by knowledgeable riders in the back straight to bring about the required result.