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Countries without unions and with crippling human rights laws end up poverty stricken
October 31, 2007

Let’s straighten a few things out on unions and police states. The first is pretty easy. Name one country with an affluent lifestyle that doesn’t have strong unions? You can’t. China can’t be claimed because most people there live in poverty. Their provinces to the west are horrendously poor. We’re getting into this one because the prime minister of Australia, John Howard, is union bashing on his lead up to the election.

When did Australia begin moving forward economically? Easy, when unions became strong. When did all the other affluent countries bergin moving forward? Yes, unions again.

Why? Well for a country to become affluent you require people to become consumers. The more they consume the wealthier the country. Unions enable the majority of the working class people to be able to consume. The more money to be spent the richer people become, although there are the disadvantaged who always have a hard time.

In police states there is a decline in entrepreneurship. The reason is that entrepreneurs don’t want to be noticed by envious authority figures and busted or oppressed by the need for bribes and similar pay-outs. In police states movement and ideas are restricted so that communications between people doesn’t fully develop. Lacking that dynamism innovative individuals are not recognised or encouraged. Look at China again. Only the favoured (comparatively very few) are becomng wealthy. Now watch China as its water supplies are depleted.

The wealthy countries like the US, the UK, and Australia (because of the mining boom) don’t yet know their human rights have been eroded, for it’s only just begun. They have only been a police state for the last few years, so the real corruption hasn’t set in. Sure we’ve seen the appalling treatment of a few individuals but we don’t yet see any of this happening to us. How could we be arrested, tortured, rendered, and generally abused, we’ve done nothing? Well, to find out the truth read Richard Flanagan amazing novel, The Unknown Terrorist. It’s actually faction in the most rivetting sense.