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East Timorese have Indonesia, Australia and America pretending they’re not trying destroy them
February 14, 2008

Under the guise of saving East Timor Australia, Indonesia and America plan to destroy it. That was a portion of the blurb on my political novel published by Sceptre in 93. It really wasn’t prophetic because those countries had already waded in. Indonesia had killed over 200,000 people during the invasion in 75 and and continued the murdering. Australia tacitly supported this behaviour by Indonesia, as did America.

After 25 years world opinion turned on Australia, America and Indonesia for it was finally realised it was all about oil. Remember oil, the source of all conflict. Minister for Foreign Affairs and Trade, Gareth Evans signed the deal to divvy up East Timor’s oil without the East Timorese being part of negotiations. That agreement was thrown out because the East Timorese kept resisting Indonesian forces and the pleadings of Australia and America,

Finally the UN asked Australia to step in and escort the Indonesians from the country. Unfortunately Australia delayed their arrival in East Timor for several days and that allowed Indonesia to kill dissidents and destroy the country’s infrastructure. That is roads, power and anything that worked.

Now we’re working “subtley” to destroy the country. The strong leadersĀ  had to go and we decided it had to look as if an amateur crackpot was carrying out the job. If it had looked efficient and professional mightn’t journalists suspect interested nations to be behind it?

If you think Australia and American oil companies are not up to such deceit look at the oil agreement East Timor was asked to sign last year. It gave the West the major share of the oil. East Timor rejected it and look how they’ve been punished.