Pig-sticking Premier Brumby is at play on Port Phillip Bay and if we lose its water quality I’ll hound him (verbally) forever

The Brumby state government is about to begin the destruction of Port Phillip Bay. He proudly announces his dredging decision, under quoting the $1.3 billion project by close to half a billion. In his boyscout version of the world you only have to have activity to motivate progress, a different and more primitive version of the cargo cult mentality. He’s forgotten about the environment and how it’s turning on human activity on the planet.

Apart from leaving Bay waters open to an Exxon Valdez scenario (outlined by Captain Frank Hart, a former harbour master, and weatherman and geomorphologist Rob Gell in my documentary, The Last Good Summer) and a clean-up outlay of close to 15 billion, which sort of puts in the shade the profit of an extra $1 billion over ten years for the city. Discarded is the thought of the human element in any disaster. For the Exxon Valdez there was a drunk sea captain, for the Bay is the appalling pilots’ record of not being able to negotiate the new channel in a computer mock-up. Time and time again, using the new navigatioal gear they ran aground (in front of the environmental panel, who somehow found in their minds the capacity to forgive such dreadful incompetence).

This doesn’t take into account the filthy waters we will have in the Bay for years, even a chance the bay will die. In the environmental reports they hint at that, but like governments who are attempting to disguise the terrible fact that we have let the tipping point for the planet go by, they stylisticaly perform verbal somersaults to disguise the between the lines truths.

The boyscout view of business is pretty much the attitude that Baden Powell (founder of the boyscouts) uses in his book Pigsticking for Beginners, saying it was a great outdoor sport for the youth of his day. If you were in India you could chase the wild pigs until they were exhausted and then charge them with your horse and spear them. So in the Bay we can dredge the environment of our bay creatures and poison or starve them to death. Who gives a stuff, for the money will be pouring in.

Problem is because of climate change the world is at the point of catastrophe (take a look at the evidence fellow pigstickers) and there will be no need for big ships for imports because there will be no money to buy anything. And as for exports, well, we won’t be manufacturing anything for export because lately we just don’t do that.
It means there’s no reason to dredge the bay for bigger ships anyway.

And if you’d like to know how global warming is going to effect bay waters with greater volumes moving irrevocably down the bay, it’s been calculated that the first three blocks from the beach sand will be in danger. Isn’t anyone listening?

I’ve warned Premier Brumby that is we lose the bay quality and its creatures with his environmental terrorism I’ll hound him (verbally) forever. That goes for those who have failed the results of the bay’s investigative processing. See you around.


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