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Oh dear, the CSIRO has given up scientific research for product promotion.
November 28, 2007

Oh dear, the CSIRO has given up science for a role as a promoter of GM crops. GM canola is safe they cry (the CSIRO). We don’t have to do feeding tests with Canola to declare it’s safe, we know it’s safe (ABCTV 7:30 Report). They know its safe because of their hubritic intuition. They do admit that GM peas killed twice as many rat off-spring as ordinary peas, and that the dying rats were also infertile. Unfortunately true scientific tests should cover the feeding of four generations. Obviously they couldn’t do that with the peas because the rats were infertile, so the CSIRO stopped the tests. Somehow that effect was to validate the organisation’s lack of feeding (and eating) tests for GM Canola. Are we living in a post post modern world of unreality? Or are they wrong and they should have done the tests? The right answer could prove you have the IQ to work with the CSIRO.

Meanwhile you and I are about to eat Canola oil that is genetically modified. In fact it may already be occurring because they don’t have to label the food – like oil, and butter substitutes – with labels saying the product has used genetically modified crops from overseas. Everyone is happy in the genetically modified world because the UK and the US are allowing the crops to be developed. They say the crops are easier to grow on less water and they don’t have to use so many pesticides. Unfortunately we already know that the various pests readily adapt to the modified food (see the damage to crops in Argentina) and farmers use more chemicals to get rid of them because the crops have been designed to cope with more pesticide because the crops have been designed by those who make the pesticide (Monsanto).

I plan to protest at my supermarket because its the only way to alert the slow farmers, who have been promised huge profits, that they may not sell the hazardous stuff. They certainly won’t sell it to China or Japan, if those countries can find alternatives sources.