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Australians who are backing the Chinese Olympics would have had no qualms about backing the Nazi Olympics in 1936 – the Nazis then had only shown contempt for human rights.
April 23, 2008

Those Australians backing the Chinese Olympics would also have backed the Nazis 1936 Olympics. The Nazis hadn’t quite gone as far as the Chinese. The murderous oppression (that the Chinese are using) of Nazi Germany didn’t come until later. However Germany did stop free speech, and shipped unwanted people out of Berlin in the way the Chinese are doing to their own people. They also claim Tibet as their own and they are murdering, and beating those who wish to speak up against them.

It’s unfair to blame the athletes because the chemicals they produce in their brains during prolonged physical activity preclude the capacity for continuing, evidence based thought. They will wake up down the track, during their retirement period – they have years of contemplation ahead of them then. Meanwhile the rest of us have to stand up against murderous oppression, no matter which country it may be in.


King hitter Nick D’Arcy’s been shafted for doing exactly what China is known for – excessive violence
April 18, 2008

So D’Arcy the Olympic king hitting swimmer has been shafted. It’s a surprise. He suited the Beijing Olympics so well. He was a thug, he was fast with his instruments and had practiced the punch to perfection. He had no scruples when hitting a mate at the bar and he had done it all before. He was following China’s lead on murderous oppression in Tibet to a T.

The Olympic authorities in Australia have no idea of how this decision will be denigrated. If they don’t appreciate violence, murder, brutal physical violence against women and children, they shouldn’t be having the Beijing Olympics. If you punish the participating athletes you must also punish the hosts.

China knows the governments of the world are lukewarm on Tibet protests
April 6, 2008

I love Kevin Rudd’s dedication to diplomatic style. Today we have him saying he may not go to the Olympic games but only because his schedule may preclude it. The spin here is that the Chinese will know that he may not go if their record on human rights is further blighted by more murderous oppression of civilians in Tibet. He didn’t antagonise them by saying Australia is not going because you’re a bunch of murderous tyrants with genocide on your mind, he just delivered them a slap on the wrist to give them some idea of the temperature on the issue. He didn’t follow Germany down the road to banning their team from participating. Germany has contemplated the effects of attempted genocide for quite sometime now, and emotion runs strongly in such circumstances.

So, giving China the temperature – which is that world governments are lukewarm on Tibet protest – he is really spying for them. “Hey, Kevin has given us the goods again we’ll do more trade with Australia.” Not quite so simple perhaps, and Kevin may indeed be letting them know that there is a more moderate way for them to go and to cool it on murdering people in Tibet. But this diplomatic instinct of Kevin’s does obliterate the strong abhorrence of such actions and so doesn’t have the desired effect of China discovering that they can’t go around killing innocent people without stimulating world condemnation.

Swim team captain Grant Hackett wants the Tibetan outrage to die down – it will with the murder of dissidents
March 21, 2008

Australian Olympic swim team captain, Grant Hackett, says he hopes the Tibet outrage dies down a bit as the Games approach. A sort of callow response to what is an attempt at cultural genocide on the part of China. He means of course that he hopes the media coverage of the murder and oppression of the Tibetans fades away. It will, as China murders and jails the dissidents. Good thinking, Grant.

Australia has always kept an eye on China for America
March 18, 2008

The first time I was aware that we were spying on China for America was a trip to the Peking Trade Exhibition on an RAAF VIP jet with Deputy Prime Minister Dr JimĀ  Cairns in 1974.

Approaching Hong Kong – then still under British rule – I was in formed by a technical sergeant on the plane that we were carrying electronic equipment to detect and examine the Chinese Defence systems. “It’s the same stuff that Nixon took in on his visit. The CIA installed it.”

“Great,” I replied. “I’ll be leaving the plane in Hong Kong.”

“Don’t worry about,” he said. “It’s installed in the other electrical systems.”

“You mean the toaster, stove stuff.” In those days – I was a considerable wit. He thought it such a wet comment he didn’t respond. A moment later he said, “Listen they’ll never find it, they can’t even make crystal sets.”

I didn’t mention it to Jim because it had too much of a set-up feeling attached to it. Two other people, including the office manager mentioned it to me, and I realised I was supposed to do something with the information. I did indeed think I should tell Nation Review’s correspondent, Mungo McCallum, but didn’t want to embroil him in a hoax. The Australian’s Greg Clarke also deserved a break on a good story.

We were an extra day in Hong Kong so I had plenty of opportunity to begin a diplomatic break with America (little did I really know). I didn’t tell anyone. I kept it from Jim because he may have pursued a bureaucratic pathway that would have revealed him as vulnerable.

It wasn’t until we were in China that I realised that the story was a real one. The bureaucrats were running around in a state close to hysteria in case the Chinese discovered the electronic probing system. They may have all gone to jail and/ or faced execution.
The Chinese had suspected something because they had wanted the crew to fly in without their uniforms. Australia (Gough and Jim) held fast. If the crew had been in civvies and the gear discovered, they would have been prosecuted as spies .

George Bush senior forced from the Australian Embassy in Peking by Bill Green
March 10, 2008

I ripped a leather coat from the back of George Bush senior when he attempted to throw me out of the Australian Embassy in Peking (as it then was) in 1974. As he ordered me from the Australian Embassy I reached behind him, grasped the coat on either side of the vent and ripped it from him. The coat was an inferior “deer skin” coat, really pigskin, and the stitches were also weak. He had purchased the coat in China. I had also purchased one that day. We were in the crowded bar of the Embassy after a day at the Peking Trade Exhibition.

George was then the senior officer with what amounted to the China-America Liaison office that was created to win America permission for an Embassy in China. The Americans were piggy-backing on our Embassy, run by a young and terribly competent Stephen Fitzgerald.

The incident began when two trade exhibitors drank a little too much and thought I was a suitable candidate for verbal abuse because I was the press secretary to the Deputy Prime Minister, Dr Jim Cairns, and he didn’t attend the drinking session. “Your fuckin’ boss is a pink lefty aresehole,” seemed to be the best they could produce but it was yelled into my ear every few minutes. I chose to ignore them until one pushed me and fell over, as did his companion shortly after.

I repaired to the toilet off the upstairs foyer. On emerging I was approached by the Hong Kong Trade Commissioner and told that the Ambassador had asked me to leave the Embassy. I smiled at him. He had imagined shock, horror and a humiliating exit.

“Are you going?” he asked.

“No,” I said.

He waved to two embassy guards to remove me. They came towards me across the foyer and I ran at them to at least have some momentum. They fell down and as I descended to the bar again I grabbed an aboriginal spear from the wall of the stair well. On approaching the table where Stephen was drinking I asked him if he had asked me to leave the Embassy. “Certainly not,” he said.

Returning to the bar I was handed a drink by Greg Clarke, Murdoch’s man in Tokyo, who had flown in with us in the RAAF’s VIP plane. Within a moment an American declared himself the culprit (he had obviously prevailed on the Trade Commissioner) and demanded that I leave the Australian Embassy. “But you’re a fuckin’ American,” I said. “How can you demand I leave the Embassy.”

“You’re leaving,” he said. I grabbed his coat and ripped it from his body. People emerged from everywhere to hold us. I heard someone ask if something should be done. Apparently not because several other people had already fallen over, obviously dead drunk. I saw George Bush senior leaving the Embassy bar with friends. I didn’t think too much about it except a Trade bureaucrat insisted I pay for the coat (I believe he was a senior in Trade). Not having a cheque book I borrowed one from a colleague. Fortunately the cheque later bounced.

However, the night was far from over. Stephen declared the bar shut sometime later and Jim’s press entourage left to be driven back to the hotel. At the hotel I asked for my bag from the boot. The driver refused to open it (all drivers then were members of Chinese security) and I approached the boot that had no handle and I imagined it was a Chinese puzzle. I lifted the number plate but it came off in my hand. I kicked the bumper bar but it fell off. Things looked dire.

The driver began to remonstrate with me in an abusive tone. I tied his car aerials in knots and began to walk away. Greg Clarke told me I’d have to apologise because the driver had called for the PLA (they had replaced the Red Guard) I turned back and said, “Sorry, mate.” I headed to the hotel foyer as fast as my dignity would allow.

There are many other aspects to this story, some I covered in my novel, Compulsively Murdering Mao, (Hodders), but I found I had to write the story on my blog because I woke up laughing about it some weeks ago, and that was a change.

Several times I have attempted to sell this story but I discovered editors tend to run from it. I know I could have if I persevered but having begun a career as a novelist I was reluctant. Would it cloud my reputation? I needn’t have worried.

China’s Olympic ambitions will show the world their inhuman record – like the Russian Olympics in 1980
February 22, 2008

China’s Olympics could turn out in the same way as the Russian in 1980. After the boycott of Russia by 64 states (led by the US) the Berlin Wall came down less than a decade later. I always maintained the boycott led to the beginning of the destruction of the USSR for suddenly it was discovered they were a fake country incapable of free speech, free elections or anything but political spin. They were revealed in all their nastiness.

China has inherited that image. They jail and kill dissidents, hound those who are in favour of free speech and elections, and oppress Tibetan and Burmese populations with their invasion tactics (Tibet) and support of corrupt military leaders (Burma). It’s again time for athletes and ordinary people to give these bastard Olympics a miss. We don’t want a replay of Hitler’s 1936 German Olympics where international support boosted the German soul’s need for domination. No one wants to look at these Olympic failures.

Oh dear, the CSIRO has given up scientific research for product promotion.
November 28, 2007

Oh dear, the CSIRO has given up science for a role as a promoter of GM crops. GM canola is safe they cry (the CSIRO). We don’t have to do feeding tests with Canola to declare it’s safe, we know it’s safe (ABCTV 7:30 Report). They know its safe because of their hubritic intuition. They do admit that GM peas killed twice as many rat off-spring as ordinary peas, and that the dying rats were also infertile. Unfortunately true scientific tests should cover the feeding of four generations. Obviously they couldn’t do that with the peas because the rats were infertile, so the CSIRO stopped the tests. Somehow that effect was to validate the organisation’s lack of feeding (and eating) tests for GM Canola. Are we living in a post post modern world of unreality? Or are they wrong and they should have done the tests? The right answer could prove you have the IQ to work with the CSIRO.

Meanwhile you and I are about to eat Canola oil that is genetically modified. In fact it may already be occurring because they don’t have to label the food – like oil, and butter substitutes – with labels saying the product has used genetically modified crops from overseas. Everyone is happy in the genetically modified world because the UK and the US are allowing the crops to be developed. They say the crops are easier to grow on less water and they don’t have to use so many pesticides. Unfortunately we already know that the various pests readily adapt to the modified food (see the damage to crops in Argentina) and farmers use more chemicals to get rid of them because the crops have been designed to cope with more pesticide because the crops have been designed by those who make the pesticide (Monsanto).

I plan to protest at my supermarket because its the only way to alert the slow farmers, who have been promised huge profits, that they may not sell the hazardous stuff. They certainly won’t sell it to China or Japan, if those countries can find alternatives sources.

Murderous China reveals itself at funeral of Bao Zunxing
November 3, 2007

Chinese dissident, Bao Zunxing, proved the horribleness of the police state that will be in existence when the Olympic Games are on. Guests invited to his funeral were stopped by police. This is the only public sign you will see of the oppression that the Chinese live under. Free speech is virtually non-existent and the internet is controlled, with the connivance of Murdoch who was so desparate to extend his media empire,that he agreed to have his media outlets monitored and ruled by the Chinese authorities.

Bao Zunxing was one of the dissidents who revealed that Tianmen Square was a behind the scenes massacre. I wrote a screenplay of the event with a survivor of the massacre. His girlfriend saw the police shooting the injured in hospital beds and smuggled him out of the hospital with the aid of staff.

I was recently given the e-mail of an individual who apparently knew a great deal about Tianmen Square but my e-mail was returned as a misdirected e-mail. Let’s not imagine that this is a benign nation. It has developed its newfound – and many believe temporary wealth – on the blood of those who wanted to speak their minds.

Stay away from China during the Olympics. To visit there is to support a nation floating on the blood of recent victims.

It seems to me that as we punish individuals for murderous behaviour why don’t we punish nations? Is it that we don’t believe individuals should be punished either?