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Nuclear waste is to be looked after by Nuclear Ferguson
November 30, 2007

Nuclear Ferguson has been given power. This is the incompetent that backed Bob Hawke’s call for Australia to become the nuclear waste dump for the planet. Under Rudd’s government he has received the power ministry. Now, Howard has enmeshed us in a nuclear agreement with the US which involves us taking nuclear waste from the US. The US can’t look after their waste in Washington State, no matter what techniques they apply. They began with single skin mild steel (it leaked) and then double skin mild steel (and it leaked). Since then they have tried many form of containment, including ceramics and taking the radiation out of the leaking water, but it all was for nothing, as the Columbia River and surrounds became more and more contaminated (check the Washington State website).

Now, as Australia is in danger of losing agriculture the idea is that we take the nuclear waste industry, you know, and bury it in the desert. There is one huge problem. The oldest structures on the planet are the pyramids and people forgot what they were used for for around ten thousand years. British archaelogists discovered their use about two hundred years ago, or less. Now what will happen to the waste that’s to be buried in the desert for 500,000 years? You know what, I bet the race that inhabits the earth in the future will dig around, imagining they are uncovering some pharaoh’s ancient treasures.In the meantime countryies whose waste we’re taking may have ceased to exist and so will lag behind in the nuclear waste maintenance payments, and we’ll be up for it. Of course Nuclear Ferguson probably believes we’ll still be around for the next 500,000 years because it’s unnecessary to combat climate change. You don’t think the Labor Party believe in climate change do you? It’s now fifth on their priority list and they only awarded it to a woman because the Party doesn’t really think women are any more than sops to the electorate.


Nelson is the same prevaricator as Howard – insincere, dishonest and an unholy hypocrite
November 29, 2007

The new Liberal Leader, Dr Nelson, has the same command of hypocritical syntax as John Howard. He has the same problem with saying sorry to aborigines, whose populations we decimated, he has nothing new to add to the work choices debate, except to retreat into dishonesty and insincerity. At one point on the 7:30 Report I felt I was still listening to John Howard prevaricating. Dr Nelson can’t say that he was elected by the West Australian block because his opponent Malcolm Turnbull was prepared to say sorry to aborigines and to throw out work choices legilsation. In effect he is nothing more than John Howard with a toilet brush haircut.

As Minister for Defence he is reponsible for us no longer being ahead of Indonesia in air superiority. He advised the gvernment to buy planes that can’t make it to Indonesia and get back again. Remember, it was that great Liberal, Sir Robert Menzies, who put us way ahead in the defence stakes with the purchase of the F1-11. He said quite openly the purchase was to protect Australia from Indonesia. It is essential that we can out manouvre the Indonesian military because the American government said in the early eighties that they would back Indonesia in any war the Indonesian military had with us. It’s simple, we have to look after ourselves and Dr Nelson hasn’t comprehended that and neither have his supporters. Mining in West Australia won’t be of huge significance to us if the mines are owned by the Indonesians. Let’s also understand the wealth from those mines already flows to overseas interests. Sure we get a bonus with tax and various tariffs but we never get near the big money, and it’s our stuff.

Oh dear, the CSIRO has given up scientific research for product promotion.
November 28, 2007

Oh dear, the CSIRO has given up science for a role as a promoter of GM crops. GM canola is safe they cry (the CSIRO). We don’t have to do feeding tests with Canola to declare it’s safe, we know it’s safe (ABCTV 7:30 Report). They know its safe because of their hubritic intuition. They do admit that GM peas killed twice as many rat off-spring as ordinary peas, and that the dying rats were also infertile. Unfortunately true scientific tests should cover the feeding of four generations. Obviously they couldn’t do that with the peas because the rats were infertile, so the CSIRO stopped the tests. Somehow that effect was to validate the organisation’s lack of feeding (and eating) tests for GM Canola. Are we living in a post post modern world of unreality? Or are they wrong and they should have done the tests? The right answer could prove you have the IQ to work with the CSIRO.

Meanwhile you and I are about to eat Canola oil that is genetically modified. In fact it may already be occurring because they don’t have to label the food – like oil, and butter substitutes – with labels saying the product has used genetically modified crops from overseas. Everyone is happy in the genetically modified world because the UK and the US are allowing the crops to be developed. They say the crops are easier to grow on less water and they don’t have to use so many pesticides. Unfortunately we already know that the various pests readily adapt to the modified food (see the damage to crops in Argentina) and farmers use more chemicals to get rid of them because the crops have been designed to cope with more pesticide because the crops have been designed by those who make the pesticide (Monsanto).

I plan to protest at my supermarket because its the only way to alert the slow farmers, who have been promised huge profits, that they may not sell the hazardous stuff. They certainly won’t sell it to China or Japan, if those countries can find alternatives sources.

Sir Gus Nossal joins the Brumby retard on GM
November 27, 2007

Highly respected scientist (and rightly so) Sir Gustav Nossal has made a mistake on GM canola. He rather poignantly states that one of the aspects of his being in favour of GM was that the industry (and farmers) wanted it. Like most other people he has forgotten that farmers and their industries have never been right about anything. Whether it’s water, irrigation concepts, cutting trees to run more stock, burning stubble to prepare a paddock for seeding, exporting live stock, using chemicals reccommended by the Department of Agriculture, laying waste large tracts of land to salinity, voting for the National party who voted for free trade and allowed in all types of cheap produce et al. The list goes on and on. Sure they’re battlers and strong willed but it’s partly their fault Australia can no longer be regarded as an agricultural country. And now GM, which scientists (apart from Gus) are still out on how dangerous it is. GM crops can’t be digested by humans or animals so easily because of elements that the bacteria in our gut cannot breakdown (then there’s the marketing element I’ve previously posted under, Brumby is a GM retard).

One should look at Hal Hewitt’s battle against the conspiracy between two Federal departmemts to bankrupt him over his exporting organic grapes, and gaining top prices in Europe. The department of Ag wanted Australia to have the biggest grapes in markets in London and Europe and advised their dumb farmers to hormone them. They did and the grapes were big, tasteless and fell off the stem if you shook them. After Hal was bankrupted an ombudsman decided two departments had conspired against him. He informed the Federal government he was about to sue their arses. To stop him they paid him $8 million in 2005 and now he and his brother have started the Global Green Plan on the proceeds.

Australians are bloody slow on climate change
November 26, 2007

Amazing how slow Australians are (well, so is everyone of us on the planet for that matter) when it comes to understanding what has to be done for climate change. Now that we have a new government climate change has slipped as a priority. It gets mentioned last whenever there is a chance to recite lists of policies, by either Labor or the LIbs. That places climate change around fifth as far as priorities go. Come on, don’t we yet realise we have about two years to prepare for inevitable climate change and that we can’t any longer postpone it.

Why didn’t we give the Greens more control of how our education on climate change will pan out? They have afterall have the most perceptive individual in Parliament, Bob Brown, and he and his crew have been aware of approaching climate change for several decades. They understand what must be done. The rest of the Parliamentary slow brigade only became aware it was a serious issue this year. Remember how the voters took the issue to them, not the other way around?

Treasurer Costello was told he was a lost dog and Slick Turnbull would replace him
November 25, 2007

Peter Costello was told he couldn’t do it. After a rehearsed and lengthy rallying speech on election night he appeared to walk away from the leadership of the Libs. Michelle Grattan says he was gutless and couldn’t stand the coming fight as leader. No, on the night he was certainly preparing the Party for his leadership. On and on he talked, as though he was still in government, attempting to give the Party his brand, until John Howard hit the screens. Costello went on talking but the failure had eclipsed him already. Those powerbrokers watching knew then he was a lost dog. They acted quickly and decisively. In his speech John Howard only gave Costello faint support as future leader, a far cry to his raving about him on previous occasions, so the change had already been mooted. A secret and restricted Party poll of Melbourne Club members had sliced through Costello’s capacity to lead. People actually knew who Malcolm Turnbull was and liked him. Costello has never been liked.

The power brokers knew generational change was required quickly and the gutless Costello, who never developed the fortitude to take on Howard, even when the PM was at his weakest, was told to walk. Slick Turnbull, who had the guts to tell Howard he was wanting a month ago, will be given the gurnsey for the others are tainted by Howard’s progressive lying stunts and showed themselves incapable of defying the crippled leader.

Perhaps the media should follow up ex-MP Stewart Fergus MacArthur’s siblings and nephews (all members of the Melbourne Club) – cousins of the Baillieus – for further comment.

We burn while Prime Minister elect Kevin Rudd fiddles
November 24, 2007

Australia has elected another fiddler while all around him burns. Prime Minister elect Kevin Rudd’s vision for Australia is as cliche ridden as John Howard’s. Climate Change is barely on the horizon for him. We’ll sign Kyoto, he says. Dynamite perception, in that we’ll all have exploded with the time frame he is running by. He has to understand that now the Arctic ice will all be gone in 2010/12 (Yes, recent speculation gives these dates, and so far the extreme speculation has been correct) and that the climate here in the southern parts of Australia will be so hot that our pride in the agriculture we’ve always had will have evaporated.

Under Kevin we will also go after new technology for coal fire burning. It can’t possibly be ready before 2020. Too late, we cry. There will be targets for carbon emissions and carbon trading in place. Will delinquent emitters be given a gaol sentence, or worse? No, they’ll be fined and those fines, as always with big corporations, will be added to the price of their product. It’s the way it has always been. The Howard government knew it was an out for producers, but Kevin Rudd and company (Gullible Garret) think it’s valid control for irresponsible emitters. So where is the new vision for climate control? We, the people, are changing our lifestyles by bucketing waste water to the gardens, buying organics sewerage systems full of garden worms and keeping old vehicles running. Rudd is still driving his four-wheeled drive suburban and guzzling fuel. He’s also tacitly approved the world’s largest pulp mill that is not world’s best practice for it spews deathly dioxin into the water and atmosphere. Other pulp mills don’t do that. It’s being built in Tasmania because they wouldn’t get away with it anywhere else.

There’s also been approval for the dredging of Port Phillip Bay. The gases that will release from cyanide and other poisons allowed to run into the Maribyrnong and Yarra rivers will be huge, and that’s apart from the decaying sea grass beds right around the Bay – except for Corio Bay, that’s sea grass has not grown back since it was dredged a decade ago.

Oh yes, Kevin and his lads will be as bad as the Howard government, for they haven’t yet entered the culture of those who want to save the planet.

Whale murdering Japanese are slow
November 24, 2007

The whale murdering Japanese are a little slow. They no longer eat whale meat but still kill them – for scientific reasons. Unfortunately they have no serious discoveries from their research in several decades so they look pretty stupid. There is a weird part of the Japanese brain that can’t stand defeat. They failed in their wars with China and in their war with America and Australia so they’ve picked on an intelligent, singing mammal who has no weaponry. Give them a few years and they should surely anihilate them from the surface of the earth.

Of course they convinced themselves they could take over the planet with their hand to hand combat. Well, at least their commercialisation of hand to hand combat. You know, Karate and its seven (?) black belt dans. Of course Elvis Presley was a black belt expert but he died because he was so constipated his heart stopped. Not a good ad for the Japanese martial arts industry. Didn’t they have a punch for it, you know, a punch in the gut and his heart could pump blood again.

I went to have a martial arts lesson once from Little Apollo. At his place in the city I was walking up the stairs and he was walking down. I put my hand out to greet him and he fell down the stairs. I had used Australian outpresencing to defeat a psuedo Asian martial arts expert. I walked downstairs happy that my prowess meant I didn’t have to undergo years of stunting, physical prancing to have such success. Not sure that whales could do the same thing these days. A white whale did it for Herman Melville’s benefit once but nowadays they have exploding harpoons that can kill a whale in at least 30 minutes. Not sure the whales don’t need some help.

Premier Brumby is a GM retard
November 23, 2007

Farmers are being hoodwinked by GM crop promoters. Among these are Premier Brumby and individuals members of the Melbourne Club. They imagine they will benefit from the products of Monsanto/Chemplex (perhaps still Packer’s multinational companies who sell biotech and herbicides and pesticides) not understanding that Monsanto had to pull out of several South American countries last year because the effect of GM crops had indirectly laid barren millions of hectares. It worked like this: farmers could use more herbicides and pesticides because the GM plants were made to withstand such assaults. So the farmers began thinking more is better (it destroyed all the bacteria in the soil) and the result was poverty. Australian farmers have proved with the use of other chemicals, notably 45D (Nufarm) that they often triple the amount of chemical they place on a crop they know can wear the amount.

Again our Governments are totally retarded in their awareness of commercial organic markets, or markets without massive use of chemicals. The food is sold for more overseas as the wealthy in Europe look for produce that has not been radiated or sprayed with dangerous and suspect chemicals.

Now that Australia will be permanently without serious rain there is still a market for that produce that is regarded as pure (can we say boutique produce) that has been grown without impurities or contaminants.

Climate change laughs with Rudd and Howard
November 21, 2007

Howard and Rudd give me a laugh on climate change. They imagine that corporations will be hurt enough by carbon trading and related fines to change from serious polluters to benign environmentalists. Don’t they know the first thing about marketing? Corporations always pass their expenses onto the consumer – through price rises. Can you name one corporation that doesn’t do that in “our age of accountants rule our humanity and our chance of survival?”